A United Approach to COVID-19

Whilst schools must remain temporarily closed, we continue to do everything we can to provide a high-quality education to our pupils. Comprehensive plans are in place for home learning and we are utilising the best technologies to maintain as much contact time as possible.

As part of an established group of independent schools in United Learning, we are benefiting from a wider team to support this. The sharing of best practice, ideas and innovation is something we have always been committed to – and is particularly important in unprecedented times like these.

We are in constant conversations with colleagues across our Group around the best and most successful approaches to distance learning. Our aim is always to be responsive and continuously improve, taking the advice of our network of experts. This ranges from identifying the safest and most effective home learning channels, to implementing subject-specific guidance.

We also fully understand that these are difficult times for parents and, as a group of independent schools, United Learning is committed to helping ease the burden on parents who are facing sudden financial problems due to the impact of COVID-19 on their working or personal lives.

As well as committing to reductions in funding, United Learning has therefore created a £4million COVID-19 Hardship Fund which will be used to assist those families across our Group’s independent schools who have been most severely impacted on by the current situation. For further details of this, please contact the School Office.

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