Jon Chesworth BEd (Hons.)

School should be fun. Happy children flourish and happy children learn. Our greatest responsibility as teachers and leaders is to create an environment where our children feel safe, valued and listened to.

At BPS everyone is “Free to be ME”.  We celebrate diversity, difference and inclusivity and represent the world outside, after all, we are preparing our children to thrive in their lives way beyond our school so the skills and attitudes we nurture here must be relevant, practical and specific to each individual.

Our central beliefs are: Be Safe, Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Yourself, and all underpinned by the guiding principle that we should all Be Kind. When children feel happy and safe they are able to make excellent academic and personal progress and we have high expectations that are carefully balanced with the well being of our community.

Banstead Prep offers an incredibly broad curriculum and co-curricular programme, thanks to a talented and experienced staff team, subject specialist teaching and access to excellent facilities, right from the Early Years, and has an ethos of instilling lifelong skills and promoting positive mental health. These create opportunities for children to be excited and truly engaged with their learning, developing their sense of curiosity.

I look forward to welcoming you to Banstead Prep School so you can see for yourself how our children are inspired, work with others and enjoy learning, both in and out of the classroom.