How we successfully prepare children for Next Schools

At BPS we fully support you as parents and the children on their journey to their next school.  Whether selective grammar or independent schools, or local state comprehensives, we prepare children for a variety of secondary schools.  We provide you with exceptional support in choosing schools and the application process.  Below, we have outlined how we support and prepare our children on a journey of inspiration, growth and academic success throughout their time at BPS. Click on the diagram to see their educational journey.

Timeline of 11+ preparation at Banstead Prep School
Click to see the children’s educational journey

Core subject delivery

The syllabus across English, maths and science goes above and beyond national curriculum expectations.  We teach all the children  modern languages, humanities, creative and preforming arts, and physical education and games as well as our comprehensive life skills and PSHE subjects. Highly qualified subject specialists teach the children from the very beginning of their Banstead journey in the nursery and pre-school. This combination of broad curriculum and subject specialisms allow our children to learn at an accelerated rate and deepen their subject understanding well ahead of age-related expectations. We inspire children to find the subjects and co-curricular areas of school life they love, allowing them to reach their full potential.

Banstead Prep Learner Profile

Underpinning our academic and co-curricular curriculum is our Banstead Prep Learner Profile. A set of core skills that transcend all aspects of school life and prepare our children for life way beyond the classroom.  These genuinely transferable skills link the EYFS core skills with those identified by the World Economic Forum as the most desirable to employers in 21st Century. Communication, Adaptability, Independence, Collaboration, Resilience, Curiosity, Leadership and Pride, make up our Learner Superpowers. We bring these to life with a representative animal and age-appropriate characteristics and targets for each child. We teach these implicitly and explicitly and we monitor progress as part of our assessment schedule.

Discrete examination preparation sessions (verbal and non-verbal reasoning)

All children in Years 3-6 learn to hone their verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills in weekly timetabled lessons. A variety of resources support their learning which can include both published materials and online activities.

Grammar School Preparation

Children who will be taking the grammar school path are invited to grammar school preparation and technique club.  Led by our Grammar Asssement Lead, this runs in the spring and summer terms of Year 5. The club supports children with exam technique for both rounds of the grammar school selection process. We have a wealth of experience and strong success with grammar school applications.

Independent School Preparation

From the end of the spring term in Year 5 children have plenty of experience of independent school examination papers. Teachers work closely with children to model how to answer questions. We dedicate time to complete past papers under exam conditions in preparation.

Interview Preparation

All independent senior schools invite students to an interview as part of the admissions process. Our Deputy Head offers the children multiple preparation sessions, so they are well prepared.  Mock interviews take place with both school staff and with our panel of parent volunteers, professional hiring managers and interviewers in their own fields, so that the practise session is as real as possible. Our life skills curriculum supports this interview preparation by developing group interview techniques and critical thinking and investigation skills. Each Year 6 child has a leadership position within school, so they can develop this skill and have examples to talk about at interview.

Parent consultation

The partnership between school and parents begins in the Early Years or from their very first day with us. We invite you to meet and discuss progress and future planning at the transition stages: Nursery to Reception, from Year 2 to Year 3 and in Year 5. You will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s learning journey and best next steps for their education with the Headteacher and Deputy Head or Early Years Leader. Children complete cognitive ability tests (CATs) in Year 3 and in Year 5 to support their educational journey and inform these discussions. We consider all the data and discuss future options together.

Scholarship Preparation

Many of our children are awarded scholarships by senior independent schools for their talents in sport, art, drama, music, academic achievements or as an all-rounder. Our specialist teachers work with you to prepare your child for scholarships applications and assessments; advising, guiding and supporting you both through the process. We identify these talents early and encourage the children through opportunities to excel. Scholarship clubs and extra training or tuition supports scholarship assessments.

References and Key Discussions

All Year 6 children take on school leadership roles to promote responsibility and develop strong relationships and empathy.  We encouraged them to be excellent role models for the rest of the school. In Year 6 they create their own CV, used to create individual references to support their applications to senior school. The Headteacher liaises with all independent senior schools both before and after examinations and interviews to discuss all children.

Banstead Prep Children move onto their senior school of choice, equipped with a love of learning and ready to enjoy the experiences ahead.