Every day offers something different with many specialist-taught activities including languages, Music, PE and, outdoor learning. Nursery and pre-school children also have full access to our outdoor play areas, as well as a range of facilities within the school such as the sports hall, exposing them to a huge variety of experiences and opportunities.

8 – 8.25am
Children are welcomed by the team. Parents can use our kiss ‘n’ drop service or walk children in themselves. Activities are set up so children can settle at their own pace.

8.25 – 10.30am
Discoverers, Explorers and Adventurers separate into groups to take part in a mix of adult-led and child-initiated activities.

10.30 – 11.30am
Additional activities take place with specialist teachers, such as Music or PE. On returning to the nursery and pre-school, all children can access our outside areas together.

11.30am – 12noon
Our morning children have story time and a biscuit, before leaving at noon.

11.40am – 1pm
Younger children who stay all day have lunch in their classroom together and pre-school children eat in the dining hall with the rest of the school, then have the opportunity to play outside on the large-scale equipment.

12.15 – approx 2pm
Nap time for the children who require a sleep. At 1pm some children are collected to go home.

1 – 2.20pm
Independent free-flow and adult-led activities continue from the morning. Afternoons are more relaxed as many children are tired from the morning session!

2.20 – 3pm
Tidy-up time is followed by a story and a biscuit, then getting ready to go home.

3 – 3.15pm/3.30pm/4pm
Sibling care is provided for children with siblings across the school.  We look after your child until the end of the oldest sibling’s school day so you can collect all of the children together. The children stay in the nursery and pre-school until 3.30 then move to after school care.

3.30 – 6pm
Children can go to after-school care for an additional charge.