Dear Diary,

My first view of High Ashurst was astonishing.  There were trees everywhere – from high up, it must’ve looked like broccoli because there were so many trees!

Our first activity was a game where you had to move mats and get your whole team to the other side. It was so much fun I thought I was going to explode! Our team leader for the day was called Chloe.

Next, Chloe led us to a station where you each had a gutter and everyone had to hold it at a certain angle to transport a ball at one end into a bucket at the other.  It got harder every time we got it in, so once the ball went down our gutter we had to run to the bottom and join our gutter back on.

After that, we played a game where we had to get our whole group through the hoop first.  Our strategy was for one person to have their legs apart and, two at a time, our team went through and the person holding the hoop flipped it over their head.  We won every time!

The fourth activity we did was to choose a card, go and find the item on the it and bring it back to Chloe.  We did it so fast she started running away from us!

The second to last activity was a game where we had to break codes and get rid of bombs.  My favourite code was when we had to turn numbers into letters – we did it! I got rid of the bombs!

The last activity we did was high ropes, where you had to climb a ladder to a wooden beam, strike a pose, then fall off. I did the ‘mummy’ pose where you lie on it with your arms folded and roll off.  What a brilliant day – what will I do tomorrow?!

Written by James P, Year 3