Following British Science Week back in March, Mrs Clark set about organising a whole-school ‘Space Day’ – an exciting and educational event that promised to ignite children’s’ interest in space, science, and technology.

Form tutors and subject leaders began adapting their plans to ensure their lessons were ‘astronomical’, from Year 1 writing diary entries as an astronaut to Year 6 measuring the impact of craters, Year 5 studying the interaction of colour, liquids and materials to make planets and Year 4 making galaxy cookies in cookery – all around the school, children were embracing the space theme with enthusiasm and curiosity.

A particular highlight of the day was a visit to ‘Wonderdome‘ – This is an immersive experience where the children were able to explore the solar system like never before with the school hall transformed into a planetarium. All children from Years 1-6 were given the opportunity to go to the dome, with early viewers doing an excellent job of keeping the “secret” so that it remained an out this world experience to the very last year group.

The afternoon finished with our annual STEM showcase, where parents and visitors were invited to come into the STEM department for some hands-on activities and to view children’s work.  With the help of their teachers, children gave live demonstrations and invited their visitors to participate in a range of engaging experiments.



Mrs Clark was overwhelmed with the positivity and feedback from those attending the event – we are very much looking forward to next year already!