“We have one world to care for”… That was the wonderful message our Year 1 and 2 children delivered to us through their performance of Eddie the Penguin Saves The World.

Our children proudly sang and danced their way from Antarctica to Banstead Prep! Along their journey they embedded their understanding of climate change and what they and others can do to make a difference.

Year 2 continued their learning off the stage and into the classroom with a range of cross curriculum quests, including a science investigation into the importance of blubber for keeping some animals warm.

We are very proud of the children as they performed with such joyful confidence. ¬†This confidence came from children stepping out of their comfort zones, being resilient and supporting one another along the way, allowing our children to excel in our ethos of ‘Free To Be Me’!

Oppportunities to perform on stage help the children to build confidence and develop communication skills, which are used in all areas of learning.  To find out more about our Creative and Performing Arts curriculum go to our Prep School Curriculum page.