As part of their Computing Curriculum, Year One have been learning how to programme floor robots.

They worked hard to create a sequence of commands to get their ‘Beebot Robots’ to a specific destination.  This involved using their resilience skills, as often the Beebots didn’t move to the destination the children had wanted – this could be very frustrating!

However, giggles were soon heard and bursts of pride seen when the children started to understand that it wasn’t the Beebot that was making the mistakes, as they only do what they are programmed to.  This allowed the children to see how much we can learn from mistakes, with the Beebots all arriving at the chosen destinations in the end!

In Year Two, the children will extend their learning about Programming by exploring how the order of sequences impacts outcomes and by designing algorithms. To find our more about our broad curriculum, which truly engages children with their learning, book online for our next Open Morning on Thursday 22 February