The Spirit of Christmas

By J. Chesworth     Aged 46 and 3/4 


The spirit of Christmas according to me, 

Is the sight and the smell of a Christmas tree, 

The jingle of bells, the twinkle of lights, 

Fires that are glowing, all shiny and bright. 


It’s about making memories of one perfect night,

The hype and excitement to get it just right.

The glitz and the glamour are well worth the fuss,

But the spirit of Christmas means much more to us…  


The spirit of Christmas begins with a song, 

A family classic we’ve loved for so long.

The very first play signals something’s begun, 

It’s Christmastime, and here comes the fun! 


The spirit of Christmas is dreaming of snow, 

Year after year optimism still grows.

There’ll be hardly enough for a snow man to make, 

But there’s nothing more magic than that very first flake! 


The spirit of Christmas is who’s in your heart, 

Loved ones and friends near and apart.

It’s jumpers and hats and terrible socks, 

Dusty old ornaments down from the loft! 


The buzz of a kitchen, the chaos and din,

As more and more people somehow squeeze in.

It’s constantly saying, “have we got enough”? 

Then realising you actually had way too much stuff.


It’s a feeling, a mood, a buzz and a fizz, 

A magical feeling we’ll never out live.

It’s childlike excitement, a great sense of wonder, 

Building on memories that grow fonder and fonder. 


The spirit of Christmas is time spent with you, 

Asking, “this year, what would you like to do”? 

Enjoying the time simply being together, 

Walking and talking whatever the weather. 


The spirit of Christmas is my favourite book, 

It’s chatting and laughing and watching you cook! 

It’s remembering the details, the tiny traditions, 

It’s surviving the shops, on a Christmas eve mission! 


Elf creativity, sights, smells and sounds, 

Bright, clear blue skies and frost on the ground.

Mince pies and Turkey make it for me, 

There’s nothing better than a good PIB! 


Now don’t get us wrong, we love a good gift,

But giving also gives spirits a lift.

The thought and the care mean more than the price, 

Afterall, it’s what keeps us from naughty to nice. 


Being together, laughing out loud, 

Singing and dancing along with the crowd.

Silly traditions, games, competitions, 

A Christmas film classic on television. 


I’ll remember the mood, the fun and the laughter,

Way more than the presents, for life ever after.

Simple and pure is all it need be,

For the spirit of Christmas is when you are with me!