At the start of this year, we allocated a theme or learner power to each week of the term, and we hoped that events and activities would suit our choices.  We were quite right when we thought this week would be a good one to celebrate Collaboration – we have needed it and celebrated it in all sorts of different ways across the school. 

I would like to apologise to anyone whose house will forever more resemble a glitter ball… the House Christmas tree competition is in full swing and there are some beautiful creations adorning the four trees around the school! It has been lovely to see the House groups across all year groups come together, and I must admit to being slightly surprised by the competitive nature of some of the staff who have also embraced this challenge, perhaps a little too much. 

The sound of music has resonated far and wide this week and I was thrilled to be able to join the Choir as they visited Belvedere and Priory House retirement homes to bring some festive cheer. They sung beautifully and it was wonderful to see the joy that singing together brings, even with Mr Bullock and I joining in the harmonies! If ever there is a sight to lift one’s spirit it is watching young and old interact and enjoy being in each other’s company. 

The collaborations continued with our Nursery Christmas songs and Reception Nativity performances, which were, quite simply, a triumph! Our youngest children put in a very impressive performance with lovely singing and some impressive dancing (some improvised!) much to the delight of the audience, who also did their bit with a very enthusiastic performance of the penguin song! It is an absolute right of passage that Nativity performances should always contain something unscripted, unplanned and ideally highly amusing that will be played back at an appropriate moment in later life, causing some embarrassment and much hilarity! This year’s offering did all of that and way, way more. It was an astonishing production with more songs and storylines than I have ever witnessed and genuinely some of the most wonderful singing I have heard from children so young. It was absolutely delightful, and this will be a year group to watch as they perform on our stage in the coming years. 

And so, to the finale for this week, the collaboration of collaborations, the BPSA Christmas Fair! As I write, preparations are well under way but the effort, support and thought that has gone into today has been remarkable – huge compliments to our community for making this so special. I hope everyone enjoys this special occasion and we look forward to celebrating the children’s achievements and end of term next week and coming together at The Spirit of Christmas.