Our theme for this academic year is Pride – encouraging children, staff and parents to have collective pride in everything that we do, share successes and inspire others.  This story, shared by one of our families, is a terrific example to lead with: we are so proud of you for this impressive acheivement George, and for the Learning Superpowers you’ve demonstrated.

This summer, George’s family planned to do some hiking in Canada on a visit to see grandparents. Before they left, George decided to do some training, starting with relatively short weekend walks and builing up to longer distances of up to 10 miles. Once in Canada he decided to set himself a challenging goal: to hike 100 miles during the summer holiday.

George’s parents told us more about the challenge: “He racked up the miles pushing through various uncomfortable situations (It’s a bit scary being out during sunset in bear country and thunder storms on a mountain). Once home he decided to finish the distance by hiking the 1066 Country Way, a 31 mile walking route following the path of William the Conqueror (spoiler – it’s actually more like 38 miles on the ground).

The first day of this was an amazing achievement in itself, 18.8 miles long finishing in the pitch dark with one torch between us for the last mile through woodlands. He got up the next day and did another 11 miles, making over 102 miles in total and raising £270 for St Mungo’s, a homelessness charity, which George chose himself to support. Needless to say, we’re very proud of him.”

The photo shows George on the Iceline Trail, hiking past glaciers.

If you’ve done something this summer that you are proud of, please let your teacher know so we can celebrate with you at school!