We are so thrilled to announce that our SENCO, Mrs Miles, has just graduated in her Master of Education – Special Educational Needs and Disability degree from Middlesex University.

Having always been so passionate about her job and all that it entails, Mrs Miles approached our leadership team about her career development and wanting to complete her Masters as she felt it would help her to help the children in our school by having a more in-depth knowledge of the various and multiple SEND needs of our pupils.

Mrs Miles went on to explain, “My areas of study were general SEND, Autism and Dyslexia.  I then chose Behaviour and SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental health) for my research paper. I am grateful to our school and to United Learning for helping me fund this stage of my learning, and for their support throughout.”

“At the graduation ceremony, there were 10 of us who had the same Masters – some who are fellow SENCOs and one who is now a principal of several SEN colleges. I’m really proud to be part of a group of people who feel as passionately as I do about the fantastic SEND children we teach. They may at times be the most vulnerable and complex pupils, but they are, so often, the warmest children who bring the greatest reward to us as teachers.”

We are proud of you, too, Mrs Miles, and feel very fortunate to have you as our SENCO at Banstead Prep!