“We didn’t know we were making memories; we were just having fun!” Taken from the beginning of the 2023 Year 6 leavers’ book, this quote sets the tone for a trip down memory lane and a reflection on a wonderful journey.

Some of our leavers began their BPS career as our first ever Year 1, joining us from the predecessor schools; Greenacre, Priory and Bramley with more joining them over the years.  Whatever their starting point, they have all helped shape our school during their time here. These families and children have been an important part of our school journey, helping to create our ethos and culture and forge our new community. Friendships have been made along the way that no doubt will continue beyond BPS!

At our leavers’ event yesterday, we thanked the parents and children for their faith and support of BPS; we celebrated the children’s achievements and most importantly we celebrated the character and strengths of a superb group of children. It was a fun and emotional evening supported by a fantastic number of staff, which demonstrated the depth of feeling for this year group. As has become tradition, the form teachers spoke about each child before we presented them with their leavers’ book. Mrs Dziedziela and Mr Jeens spoke from the heart and demonstrated a level of understanding and knowledge of the children that I feel stands BPS apart. We take pride in knowing our children well, and I in turn felt a great sense of pride in the care and leadership our teachers have committed to these and all our children.   It is fitting that I mention here that it was National Thank a Teacher Day on Wednesday; thank you to all of our teachers for everything you do!

The evening and yearbook were the result of incredible levels of energy, hard work and support from the parents who transformed the hall for the children – it looked fantastic. The yearbook is a wonderful celebration of twenty-nine different adventures and is a reminder that every child is unique, and their progress and experience is personal. School trips, sporting triumphs, performances, lessons full of laughter and plenty of mishaps and mistakes describe an education that has been rich and rewarding. Reading the comments on their feelings for the school and their teachers is very humbling and at a time in the school year when energy levels are getting low, it reminds us why we do what we do. The fact they have shared these feelings as a group is special, and the support and empathy they demonstrate with each other even more so.

We now look forward to the end of term run in and a chance to gather as a whole school community on the final day to celebrate the achievements of all the children this year. There is still lots of learning, fun and of course our Y5 and Y6 production taking place across the school, but summer holidays are in sight… Keep going!