As part of British Science Week 2023, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting the children and staff from Year 2 at St. Christopher’s School Trust for a circus of activities designed around the theme of “Connections”. 

Mrs Clark, our Head of Science, planned the activities to focus on water and how important it is.  The children enjoyed investigating: 

  • Surface tension – investigating the surface tension of liquids and why it is important for many creatures. They completed a hands-on experiment involving milk, dish soap and food colouring. 
  • Dissolving – do all materials dissolve? This investigation involved making predictions about materials such as chalk, sugar, sand and salt, finishing with dissolving skittles in water. 
  • Chromatography using felt tip pens and filter paper. Why do we use chromatography in science? A very good question…. that lots of children can now answer! 

Lots of fun was had by all as the children from St. Christopher’s worked through the investigations.  We are very much looking forward to them joining us again in the future for more opportunities to learn together.