Celebrating and Remembering

Welcome to the second half of the Autumn term and if the wind, rain and darker evenings weren’t enough of a reminder that winter is setting in, then TV advertising is making it very clear that a significant festive celebration is on the horizon! Of course this is something to look forward to, but we are also keen to enjoy each day and not wish them away, because there is so much to enjoy and celebrate between now and the end of term.

The school gathered on Monday to reflect on the various “celebrations” around this time of year and we enjoyed brilliant insight from Ishan on the Diwali celebrations many of our families enjoyed during half term. Sugar intake and dress up costumes also reached their annual peak for Hallow’een and we discussed the historical origins of All Hallows Eve, the day before All Saints Day. This weekend many of us will enjoy fireworks, celebrating the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot to destroy the House of Lords.

Next week we stop to commemorate the sacrifice of Armed Forces personnel who have died in conflict, as part of the national period of Remembrance. We celebrate their memory and express our gratitude for their sacrifice. The school will be supporting the Banstead Remembrance Day Parade again this year having been so proud to be part of the event for the first time in 2021.

Each week we spend as much time as possible out and about around the school and meeting prospective families and interest in joining our wonderful school is higher than it’s ever been. This week I also welcomed a good friend and educational leader with whom I have had the pleasure of working many times during my career. I value his opinion and insight highly and he was inspired by our children, teachers and the buzz around BPS. It was a very proud Headteacher moment for me and I am thinking of ways to capture and share the observations we make when we walk round our school, as they are the very best adverts for what we do and show our amazing children in their very best light. Their enthusiasm, commitment and genuine joy in everything they do is incredibly gratifying to witness.