Mr Chesworth’s love of school trips is no secret, and with over 50 residential trips during his teaching career,  he believes that international trips create event greater learning opportunities.  So it was for Year 5 and 6 when they embraced every activity and opportunity to experience the different culture, food and adventure in France.

On the way home, the children listed their highlights:

“diving into the sand on the beach | watching the seals | campfire games | pillow fights |eating snails | the service station | the rooms | the chateau | the activity staff | the coach trip | the sweet shop (10 votes) | the fantastic staff | facts we learned | EVERYTHING!”

Our Heads of School, Harry and Isla tried to summarise their experience:

“Teamwork, energy, NO SLEEP, sweets, more sweets and most of all FUN. Our full of fun adventure included visits to local towns, beautiful grounds of the chateau, exciting activities with the instructors, interesting museums, very nice breakfast, lunches and dinners, fun at the beach, learning about how chocolate, honey and sweets are made and much more. It was packed with laughter, joy and most importantly friendship!”

Mr Chesworth found himself slightly perplexed by some of these top moments, “there is no accounting for taste and clearly one person’s beach in the sunshine is another’s service station! I completely agree though that friendship was the key factor in the week’s success.”