Children at Banstead Prep had a fantastic day last week exploring, observing,  and testing biscuits as part of British Science Week 2022.

The theme this year is growth and the concept of growing our skills and knowledge was certainly seen throughout the day.  Children across the year groups investigated dunking biscuits with children in Year 1 focusing on observation skills, while Year 3 evaluated textures and took measurements before experimenting. Year 5 identified the key factors they thought would be important for a good “dunker” while children in Year 6 attempted to mine the chocolate chips from cookies relating their experience to mining for fossil fuels. Year 4 evaluated the strength of biscuits using IT to good effect when recording their efforts using slow motion filming. Fantastic STEM skills were seen in Year 2 as they created amazing bridges to save the gingerbread man. All in all a superb day!