This week, our Head Boy and Head Girl team joined together with children from primary schools across United Learning to celebrate their success in this year’s Student Leadership Programme.

On Tuesday, children who have been taking part in a social action initiative enjoyed a special ‘Graduation Day’, held at St Anne’s College, University of Oxford. The day was an excellent opportunity for the children to commemorate all their hard work and determination over the last term and the positive impact their project has had upon our school and wider community.

As part of the event, children first had an introduction to the University of Oxford and heard about university life. They then took part in a sample Classics lecture where they explored aspects of the ancient world such as heroes, myths and philosophy, and discussed how different animals were viewed by ancient civilisations. They also got the opportunity to listen to an interesting talk from the university’s Raising and Giving (RAG) Committee, where they learnt more about how they can make a positive difference to the people and places around them.

In the afternoon, our Year 6 leaders took to the stage before an audience of 80 of their peers and confidently spoke about what inspired them to carry out their project and the benefits it has brought to our school. To celebrate their achievements, they were presented with framed certificates.