Some of our prep school musicians had the opportunity to attend the Epsom College Wind and Brass Festival this week. This was a fantastic experience for the children, an chance for them to immerse themselves in a large ensemble and share their music making with children from a number of different schools. They embraced the challenge with ​enthusiasm and achieved a remarkable amount in a short space of time.

Tom in Year 4 gave us the rundown of the day from his perspective:

“We arrived at about 10:00am and soon after got to the hall. We started with the vigorous song, The Avengers. Then, we played a quieter melody, Jurassic Park. Then we came back with another Marvel song, Black Panther. Soon we were at sea, playing Pirates Of The Caribbean. Then we had lunch, then break, sectionals to delve deeper into the pieces, tea,(chocolate chip cookies,)and then at 4pm we had our concert.  P.S We had chicken nuggets and chips and jam doughnuts.”