In November, Year 4, 5 and 6 took part in the BEBRAS Computational Thinking Challenge. Over 300,000 children took part across the UK and Miss Perry was very proud of the determination and tenacity shown by BPS children when faced with some quite tricky challenges!

The Bebras Computing Challenge introduces computational thinking to students. Taking place in over 50 countries the challenge is designed to get students all over the world excited about computing.  Each participant completes the challenge online, at their own school, answering questions that focus on computational and logical thinking.

Well done to the following award recipients:

Merit Awards

Year 4 – Arjan, Jacob, Devin

Year 5 – Luke, Faith, Izzy, Andrew, Drayvian, Olivia, Edith

Year 6 – Kabir, Amy, Charlotte, Krish, Bethany

Distinction Awards

Year 4 – Daniel, Tom, Harry, Elliot

Year 5 – Zandra, Sophia, Musa, Zac, Harry

Year 6 – Logan, Jonah, Devin, Noah, Sachin

‘Best in School’ Awards

Year 5 – Milan, Josh, Ryan, Millie

Year 6 – Alex

Alex and Logan in Year 6 were awarded the prestigious Gold Award, which means they may be invited to another round in the Spring (dependent on COVID restrictions in place at the time.)