Mr Jeens and Dr Baines are proud to announce the results of the Primary Maths Challenge sat by selected children in Year 5 and 6 this half term.  The Challenge was made up of 25 brilliantly tricky problem solving questions with a selection of multiple choice and written answers.

We are really pleased to see not only the successes of Year 6 but also the promise shown by Year 5 (who sat the same test). Bronze, Silver and Gold Certificates were awarded to the following children in our celebration assembly today.


Gold Silver Bronze
Krish Noah Zac Harry H Ryan
Alex Isla Jack Milan Holly
Devin Harry F Kabir Logan Ashton
Sachin Amy Jonah Drayvian Isabella
Charlotte Joshua Olivia
Aaron Henry
Kaiyan Bethany

Congratulations also to Chloe, Edith, Avi, Sophia, Hogan, Thomas, Musa, Millie, Freya, James and Felix for taking part too but being just shy of the medals.

We look forward to the possibility of some of our top scorers being invited to participate in the second round. Later this year we are also excited to see how our younger children fare in the First Maths Challenge for Years 3 & 4.