As part of our commitment to digital technology, Banstead Prep School is excited to announce that children in Years 4, 5 & 6 will be provided with individual iPads from the beginning of this academic year.

1:1 devices are already part of daily life in a significant number of primary and secondary schools and introducing our children to technology and its diverse capabilities in a responsible, creative way is an important part of their preparatory education.  In addition, some children can struggle with traditional methods, which can be reliant on a narrow and academic definition of learning, largely based on writing ability. Technology can offer a more level playing field and an opportunity for all to experience success. The children will still complete practical tasks such as handwriting practice and creative writing.

We believe that technology should be embedded in learning and teaching across the curriculum and the best examples are where this is seamless and unobtrusive. Our approach will be to use devices as an additional tool, rather than the only tool, to support and enhance learning and this initiative will not replace but rather complement aspects of our rich curriculum.  Schools with mature 1:1 implementation have found that iPad use focuses on creative activities that would not be possible without them and takes place in about 20-30% of lessons.

iPads are an innovative, creative tool that offer exciting learning opportunities to enhance learning and children will be provided with a device for their exclusive use in school and at home.  There is no additional cost for parents as the iPads will be paid for and insured by school.

Find out more about our broad curriculum or come and see for yourself how technology is incorporated into the classroom by visiting us on an Open Morning or for a personal tour.