Year 2 had a wonderful time exploring the Royal Botanic gardens at Kew this week.

They visited The Hive exhibition and learnt how important pollination is for the food chain, a very appropriate way to celebrate World Bee Day! In the workshop “Plant Detectives” the children completed bark rubbings and made tree scrolls. For this activity they wrote words on a luggage label to describe how the tree looked, smelled and felt. They also identified and categorised parts of plants and trees. Another highlight was the visit to the Children’s Gardens where the children enjoyed an adventure playground amongst signposts labelled with the needs of a plant.

A fantastic day out for all, full of learning, laughter and fun!

Mrs Burke, Year 2 Teacher, said

“A big thank you goes to all of Year 2 for representing Banstead Prep School so well. They were so polite, enthusiastic and inquisitive.”