Year 5’s current topic is the solar system and they have been lucky enough to take part in some exceptionally interesting STEM live stream sessions this week as part of Mars Day 2021. Mars Day is dedicated to celebrate the NASA Perseverance Rover’s first month on Mars.

Year 5 listened to Tim Peake, the first British ESA astronaut, who talked about missions to search for traces of life on Mars. He also revealed the challenges of flying helicopters and piloting a rover on Mars and he explained that the main difficulty is the planet’s thin atmosphere. Tim Peake also highlighted the importance of the samples taken from Mars that might prove any evidence of prehistoric life.  Children engaged with the topic very well and were eager to find out more.

Later on, they learnt to identify the different phases of the moon and learnt why these occur. Mrs Clark’s home-crafted moon really impressed the children and they enjoyed discovering all the different phases themselves as you can see in the video below.