Congratulations to all children who have entered the House Fitness Competition this term.  It has been great to see so many of you making the most of the outdoors – more than 30 athletes, including parents and staff, joined our Strava community just in the first week. It has also been fantastic to see parents and families keeping active running, cycling and walking many kilometres, often in very wintery conditions, working out on Strava together, giving each other kudos and supporting each other.

Keep going everyone! We are looking forward to seeing your entries for this week!

House Results Week 2

1st Helmsdale 161.4km
2nd Ashdown 139.3km
3rd Grappenhall 133.07km
4th Dursley 89.51km

Overall Totals Week 1 and 2

Well done to our Super Athletes this week

Ruby 83km

Avi 73km

Felix 63.38km

Charlotte 36.12km

Miles and Zac 24.2km

Keiran and Bethany 20.71km

George 10.99km

Star Performers week 1

Total number of kilometres travelled in week 1:


Ruby 11km

Year 1

Miles 17.66km

Constantine 17.36km

Year 2

Kieran 24.08km

Noah and Zac 12.5km

Year 3

Raahul 33.94km

Jacob 15.3km

Year 4

Drayvian 35.3km

Henry M 24km

Year 5

Charlotte 50.81km

Bethany 24.08km

Year 6

Max P for dog walking every day!