Congratulations to Zac in Year 6, who has written and recorded an original composition ‘A Light in the Darkness’ that has reached the number #1 position in‘s ‘New & Hot: Ambient’ chart.

Listen to Zac’s piece here: A Light in the Darkness

and see his current position in the chart: Soundcloud New & Hot: Ambient

We asked Zac to tell us more about writing his own music:

“I really enjoy composing but it takes a long time to make up each piece so I don’t get a chance to do much as I’ve been busy with [senior school entrance] exams but would like to do more.

The piece started off with [my brother]  Ash and me messing around on the piano, then I found some notes that I liked the sound of.  I then added a left hand part and played around with it and then finally it all came together.”

What did you think when you found out you were number one?

“I was so shocked –  I only uploaded it for my scholarship application so they would be able to hear it and had no idea it would do that well.  It made me feel proud that people want to hear my music!”

Has it inspired you to write more music?

“I really want to add more pieces to my Soundcloud account and will be working on something new in the Christmas holidays.”

Zac was also recognised for his composition skills back in March, when we shared a piece he wrote during lockdown home learning, in response to learning about Holst’s planets.

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