Mr Chesworth, our new Headteacher, had a very special meeting with the youngest members of our school community last Wednesday when he joined up with Nursery and Reception to share his own Chatter Bag!

Nursery and Reception children at Banstead Prep School each have a chatter bag, a canvas bag that they decorate themselves and use to bring items from home to show and share with the other children during carpet time.  Chatter bag discussions enable children to build their self-confidence, develop language and encourage independent exploration of learning topics.  So what was in Mr Chesworth’s chatter bag?

First, out came a little pink mouse toy, who could it belong to? Next, a packet of cat treats!  Finally, one of Mr Chesworth’s favourite books: Mog and Bunny.  The toy belonged to the Chesworth family’s new pet cat, Buddy – his toy mouse looks a lot like Mog’s bunny!  After reading the story,  the children called Buddy and he came to see them in return for some of his treats.

We really admired Mr Chesworth’s beautiful bag, decorated for him by his two children and we are looking forward to more virtual storytimes with Mr Chesworth this term and to him visiting Nursery and Reception in person when he starts his new role in January.

You can find out more about Early Years education at Banstead Prep School on our Early Years curriculum page or the Nursery pages of the website.