All Year 6 children are appointed to a leadership role for their final year at Banstead Prep. Leadership provides children with many opportunities to develop responsibilities. These roles foster confidence and help children to work collaboratively with others. The Year 6 leaders’ duties will be slightly different this year to adapt to current restrictions. They will take the lead in assemblies and concerts, supporting younger children in their learning and relationships with others, and speaking at school events virtually instead of in person. They will also write and edit the school magazine.

Ambassadors – Jessica, Allana, Pradnya, Finley, Nathan, Shoaib

House Leaders – Max (Grappenhall), Ezra (Ashdown), Logan (Dursley), Angus (Helmsdale)

Wellbeing Leaders – Ruby, Maya, Maddy

STEM Leaders – Nico, Rudi, Ethan

Digital Leaders – James, Areff, Tom, Alyssa, Hollie

Young Journalists – Zac, Maria, Mia, Tatsav

Art Leaders-  Joshua, Daniel

Academic Ambassadors – Shreya, Gabi

Sports Captains – Joshua (football), Mia (netball), Maya (girls swimming), Zac (boys swimming)

Congratulations to all Year 6 Leaders!