Year 1 visited Windsor Castle and explored the life of the Royals.  The children were amazed by the collection of the Castle and the building itself. They had great fun admiring the Queens’s Dolls House, even though it is not a toy.

“I liked the Dolls House because it had so many things to look at” – Beau.”

“I liked spotting the lions inside the castle walls and counting how many crowns there were in the castle” – Zach

The children took part in a coronation celebration, where Ava was the Queen, Alicia and Bella were the princesses holding her cloak. Aarav was the Bishop and Ishan held the crown. During the ceremony, they learnt about the rules that the Queen does not have to adhere to, such as not wearing a hat when she rides a horse or having a driving licence.

They thought that the most interesting fact was the Queen’s love for Corgis and that all the corgis she has ever owned came from her first dog Suzanne. The children also saw many guards and loved seeing the soldiers walking in front of parts of the castle. They could not believe that they could stand still for 2 hours. They did try but lasted about 2 mins.

“This is the best trip ever. I liked counting how many steps there were in the castle ” – Dhanesh