We were thrilled to welcome so many grandparents (and some aunties and uncles) to our Grandparents Morning event last Friday.

The children couldn’t hide their excitement having their grandparents in the school.   Every class had an activity that the children could complete with their visitors.  Some children provided a full classroom tour, proudly sharing all of their exercise books and artworks while others played games or read stories, filling the classrooms with joyful moments.

Everyone then headed to the Sports Hall where the children put on an excellent show that included an exclusive song from our upcoming performance of Aladdin Junior and a wonderful poem written by Years 3 and 4 (see below).  As the children went to carry on with their lessons, grandparents left with smiles on their faces, having had a wonderful morning with their grandchildren.

Download the Grandparents’ Day Performance Programme

Headteacher Mr Gibb commented “The children are very proud of what they are achieving at school and were excited to be able to share it with people so special to them.  

“I would like to thank our brilliant children and staff for their hard work and preparation and all of the grandparents who made the time to come along and share such a glorious morning with us.”

Grandparents’ Day

by Year 3 and 4

Great grannies and grandpas are always wonderful,
Really good at baking delicious cookies.
Always with a smile on their face,
Noticing how amazing we are!
Drinking a nice cup of Yorkshire tea,
Proudly sharing our family history.
Awesome grandparents taking us to the park,
Reading the newspaper and doing the crossword.
Excellent at caring for your grandchildren,
Never being upset with us!
Truly lovely memories of time spent together,
Special kindness that you share with us.

Delightful gifts that we always share,
Absolutely great at reading with us
Yummy treats we love to eat!

Thank you for all you do for us!