In Animal Antics club we’ve been learning about koalas.  We’ve seen how many trees have been cut down, and how Australian bush fires have caused more of the koalas’ homes to be destroyed, and a lot of their food lost. We also saw how some of the koalas had been hurt by the fires and that some people have travelled to help the koalas.

This made us really sad and we wanted to help the lost and scared koalas. First, we thought we could put plasters on the animals’ injuries and help plant new trees for them to live in, but then we realised how far away Australia is and thought about how else we could help. We discussed the need for money to buy and plant trees and for first aid and thought we could raise some money by holding a cake sale and send that to a charity.  (WWF, Protect a Koala campaign) We wanted to make as much money as possible so we thought about who else we could get to help them. We thought our families and friends could help, which is how it became a whole Year 1 event.

The children in Animal Antics made posters to tell everyone about the cake sale and lots of children and staff brought in cakes and money. Everyone had a great time at the cake sale and we raised £263.70, which has enabled us to protect 10 koalas!