Our recent visit from Zoolab was an opportunity to give the children hands-on experience with animals, really bringing to life the different topics covered in our science lessons!

Jess, who brought the animals, looked at different areas of the curriculum with each year group.  With Year 5, she discussed their life cycles and how a rat’s life cycle is very different from that of a snail or a snake. Year 1 talked about how animals need to be looked after and what they need to do to  stay healthy. Lots of the children overcame their initial fears and enjoyed stroking or holding the animals.

Pradnya in Year 5 especially enjoyed holding the rat: “I thought they were dirty but found out they clean themselves 20 times a day!”

Matthew in Year 6 said: “The cockroach was cool. It was a very different animal and it felt tickly when it crawled over my hand.”

Alex In Year 4 said, “I liked the snake best, I loved holding it.”