This term, Year 5 have stepped back in time; back to the time of Shakespeare, Henry VIII and The War of the Roses – The Tudors.

To kick start our topic, Year 5 visited Hampton Court Palace. This was an information packed day where the children discovered plenty about Henry’s favourite home. They also participated in a workshop where they had to evaluate a range of historical sources and artefacts to discover what type of man Henry VIII really was – he wore glasses, didn’t you know?

Since then, the children have been working independently on their Tudor project. Developing their research and enquiry skills whilst improving their historical understanding, the children have produced interesting and impressive pieces of independent work.  To finish off the project, the children have demonstrated their learning through an end of term quiz. As you can see from their faces, they’re not competitive at all!

We hope they’ve enjoyed their topic on the Tudors. Next term, we’re following Sir Francis Drake and are off to the Americas! Watch this space for our Geography learning next term.