Congratulations to our newly appointed Year 6 leaders, whose roles were announced in our celebration assembly.  In recognition of the importance of positions of responsibility in preparing our children for life beyond the classroom, all Year 6 children have a leadership role to perform within school over the coming year.

Giving the children an active role in influencing and implementing decisions about school issues helps enable them to participate as active young citizens.  Our Year 6 leaders will be given the opportunity to speak publicly at different events, write for a school magazine, take the lead in assemblies and concerts as well as support younger pupils in their learning and relationships with others.

Miss Vicky Ellis, Headteacher said, “Leadership at every level is central to the ethos of United Learning schools, and giving our children the opportunity to practise skills that we know are critical for their future success is an important part of the Education with Character we offer to the children at Banstead Prep School.  I am looking forward to seeing the contributions each and every one of our Year 6 children make to the whole school community this year, and to seeing them grow in confidence and develop their leadership skills to help prepare them for their next schools.”