Mrs Clark met the team from Eggucation ( at the Association of Science Education annual conference.  They offer egg hatching for schools using rare breeds and their chicks go on to be used in breeding programmes and conservation work.  It is thanks to the generosity of the Banstead Prep supporters that we have the chicks in school.

Dani from Eggucation brought Maria the hen to visit the pre-prep children on Tuesday, and to tell them all about their life-cycle.  She also brought seven eggs, which will be hatching over the course of this week.  In fact, one chick was so eager to meet the children that it hatched on its way to us!  our second chick hatched on Tuesday night.  Both are in a special incubator to keep them warm and safe.

Having the chicks at Banstead Prep links in with many aspects of the Science curriculum from identifying animals and observing their features in year 2, to studying animal and plant life cycles and variation in years 5 and 6, and all of the children will have the opportunity next week to visit the chicks. It also gives us a chance to talk to the children about caring for animals, conserving those that are rare and they are certainly helping this week with the wellbeing of both staff and children (the chicks seem to make everyone smile).
Mrs Clark, Science Leader