Year 6 children have been learning about WW2 this term.  To find out how Banstead was impacted by the war, a volunteer from the Banstead Historical Society came into school to talk to the children.

He told us how Banstead was heavily protected as it was feared that the enemy would pass through Banstead on its way to London.  One of the houses on Winkworth Road was also converted into a machine gun post.  The children were fascinated to learn that an air raid shelter was built under Lady Neville Park which could hold 900 people.  Apparently, it is still there today, just covered by grass.  The children were shown lots of old photographs of Banstead as well as some of the damaged caused by bombs being dropped on the area.

Poppy: “I never knew that defences such as pillboxes and hair pins were built around Banstead to protect it.”

Charlie:  “I was fascinated that an air raid shelter is still under the grass at the Lady Neville Park”.