A big well done to Maddy, Benjy, Roberto, and Jack for taking part in the first round of the National Young Mathematician’s Awards. They all had a great time competing!

We are pleased to announce that the team managed to gain enough marks in both the mathematical criteria and their teamwork criteria to bring them ahead of some other schools and are therefore going through to Round Two!

Feedback from the organizers praised the team for work through all four of the challenges and organizing their time well enough to find some solutions for each challenge. They managed to work through the possible solutions in a systematic way and therefore find multiple possible answers to each task.  It was also noted that they chose to work as a team at times and split into pairs at times which was a good idea when they felt they were running out of time, and that Banstead Prep were the most time-conscious of all the teams on the day.

We are looking forward to the team returning to compete in the next round on Wednesday 5 December.  Well done and good luck!