In Life Skills lessons this term,Year 3 have been learning about product design. They designed and made a prototype felt hand puppet. We began by looking at existing toys (and advertising) and thinking about the target audience for these products. Next, they created a design for their puppet, considering who might want to buy the product, how much they would like to sell it for and what their puppet will be called.

They then turned the designs into real working puppets using brightly coloured felt. They did an incredible job – well done Year 3!

Meanwhile, year 5 are working in groups to come up with a world changing idea. They will be submitting their projects to this year’s United Learning’s United Ideas competition, in partnership with 7billionIdeas. They were briefed with the task to come up with and present an idea that would either make people smile, make people healthier, or make people smarter.

The children have come up with some brilliant ideas, including: a doggy backpack – ‘it’s pawsome!’, The race case – a remote control pencil case and ‘float-a-town’, floating platforms to build future towns and land on.