We ‘jump-started’ our fundraising for The Children’s Trust, Banstead Prep’s chosen charity for 2018, with a visit from Skipping Workshops www.skipping-workshops.co.uk as suggested by our Pupil Parliament.

Skipping Workshops have presented demonstrations in over 10,000 schools, represented Great Britain in international skipping events and appeared on many TV shows including Blue Peter, Record Breakers and MTV Live. Skipping Workshops currently hold a world record in the Guinness Book of Records. Their aim is to encourage children and adults to skip for health, fun and fitness, whilst introducing modern and traditional skipping games back into the playground.

Wearing mufti in the colours of The Children’s Trust, each year group had a half hour session where they could learn new skills including speed skipping, rope tricks, long rope and double Dutch skipping.

We welcomed parents to watch a skipping demonstration at the end of the day, with some children from each year group showing the rest of the school what they had learned.

Thomas in Year 6 said “It was fun and really pumps your heart because you have to work really hard”.  Izzy, also in Year 6 thought “It was something new and different to do which was enjoyable and exciting.”

Harry in Year 2 is also a convert: “I love skipping, it was really fun learning all the new things”

We raised over £280 for The Children’s Trust.

Children who have been inspired by their experience might like to take part in the National Skipping Challenge or get practising for National Skipping Day on Friday 23 March 2018.  Flyers can be collected from the School Office.