7 Year 5 pupils represented Banstead Prep at the Southen Regional Final of this year’s StorySlam event. Held at Surbiton Girls’ Prep School, the day included intensive story-writing workshops as well as the competitive StorySlam performances themselves where one pupil from each school read their story to the assembled children and staff of SGPS as well as the three judges. Tension mounted while we waited for the prize-winners to be announced and we wondered how they would be able to choose between the wide range of excellent, and very varied, stories that had been presented. While BPS did not win a prize, we were very proud of the performance given by Dev, our chosen finalist, and of all the work that our pupils had produced in school to reach that stage and in the workshops on the day.  Dr Liz Nissan, Specialist Subject Leader, English said “StorySlam provided a great opportunity for our pupils to produce their very best short story writing, work together creatively with children from other schools and listen to the very best writers in the region perform their work. It was a very enjoyable and worthwhile event!”