On Monday, the Year 2 children came into school dressed up as Victorians to take part in a whole day event about Florence Nightingale.  The children took part in an interactive workshop run by the Freshwater Theatre company.

Florence Nightingale greeted the children and took them on an unforgettable journey through her lifetime. During the interactive session, the children took on different roles and learned about this amazing role model through re-enacting scenes from her life.

Starting with her home and early life, the children had to impress Florence’s inimitable governess, Mrs Gale, with their needlework and flower arranging, before being whisked off on Florence’s journey around Europe to discover how her passion for nursing began. They accompanied Florence on her famous trip to the Crimea, endured a long and arduous journey to reach the battlefield and set up the renowned Scutari Hospital. Returning to England after the war, the children learned about Florence’s later life and reflected on her legacy and the long-lasting impact she had on nursing.

The children spent the rest of the day making comparisons between the hospital before and after Florence’s visit, asked Florence and a wounded soldier questions and made lanterns.  They also spent their breaktime playing Victorian games.  Lots of fun was had by all!