During National Energy Saving Week (17-24 January) we embarked upon a journey dedicated to embracing energy efficiency and making a positive impact on our environment and bottom line.  Children and Staff have been taking part in an Energy Reduction Challenge: along with all other schools in the United Learning Group, we have been challenging ourselves to use less gas, electricity and resources, and waste less food – a competition was set, to find the school that could reduce its energy the most over the week!

This challenge was designed to get us thinking about, and reducing, our electricity consumption. This not only helps saves our school money but will also reduce its carbon footprint. The main goal was to compare consumption from the start of the week against consumption at the end of the week, so with the help of our super site team, the children set about monitoring energy usage over the week via gas and electricity meters. They made posters and sent reminders asking for everyone’s help to keep doors shut, turn off lights and shut down appliances whenever they are not in use, especially at the end of the day. The results showed us that, with effort, we can reduce our energy use and helped us identify ways to be even more efficient in the future.

Energy conservation isn’t just about the above actions; it’s about creating a brighter, more sustainable future for us all. By taking small, intentional steps, we can collectively reduce our carbon footprint, lower energy costs, and contribute to a healthier planet. From the seemingly mundane actions at home to the impactful choices we make in the workplace, every effort adds up. Together, we have the power to make a significant difference.