Helen, originally from Yorkshire, has lived in Nork with her husband and three children for almost 30 years.  Her children (all grown up now) went to school in the local area, and Helen has taught privately and in local schools for 25 years. Helen has taught at Rosebery School in Epsom, Greenacre School for Girls and Priory Preparatory School.

As well as being a successful freelance musician (violinist and pianist), Helen performs with the Epsom Symphony Orchestra and other local (and not so local) orchestras.  Helen is also an experienced accompanist for music exams and accompanies a local choir.

“Like all music teachers, I have a passion for what I do and enjoy introducing students to many genres of music, including classical, modern, folk and jazz to name but a few. I also encourage students, particularly young students, to take part in music exam schemes and to participate in school concerts, and school musical groups as well as other ensemble groups that run in the area.

“Playing a musical instrument is very rewarding and many studies have recorded its educational benefits. It brings great happiness to you and all around you.”