Banstead Prep isn’t a feeder for any particular senior school, rather we work to help parents identify aspirational but realistic school choices. We prepare the children through broad curriculum teaching within the normal school timetable to ensure every child leaves us for their senior school of choice feeling valued, prepared, confident and ready to thrive.

Destination of Leavers 2020

Between them, 20 children achieved a total of 36 offers of places and seven scholarship awards at selective independent schools: 

School  Offered places  Scholarships 
Box Hill School  2  Headteachers Award (Maths)
Headteacher’s Award (Interview) 
Caterham School  4   
Cedars  1   
City of London Freemen’s School  1   
Downsend School  3  Arts 
Dunottar School  11  Sport 
Epsom College  2   
Ewell Castle  3  Academic 
Hampton School  1   
Kingswood House  1   
Reigate Grammar School  2  Combined Academic, Sport and Headmaster’s Scholarship for Art 
St John’s School, Leatherhead  5  Sport 
  36  7 

 We are thrilled for the seven children who received scholarships: Maddy achieved a phenomenal triple scholarship at Reigate Grammar School, with a combined award for Academic excellence, for talent in Sport and the Headmaster’s Art Scholarship.  Jack Y was offered an Academic Scholarship at Ewell Castle School.  A Sports scholarship was offered to Eve at St John’s School, Leatherhead and for Jack H at Dunottar School.  Laurie was recognised for his talent in the Arts by Downsend School and Box Hill bestowed a Headteacher’s Award to Abby for Maths, and to Amelie for performance at interview.  

Destination of Leavers 2019

For the second year running, we are immensely proud of our Year 6 leavers, who achieved an excellent set of 11+ results and scholarships.

21 children received 32 offers at a wide range of independent schools.  Children at Banstead Prep achieved 11 scholarships at 11+ and 10+ entry for Caterham School, Reigate Grammar School, Epsom College, Trinity School, Whitgift School and Box Hill School with awards for Academic, Sport and Drama.   Children were also awarded Music and Academic scholarships at Trinity School and the prestigious All Rounder scholarship at Whitgift School for 10+ entry.  The highest number of offers were for Epsom College, Reigate Grammar School, Trinity School, Box Hill School and Dunottar School.  Click to download full academic performance details.

Destination of Leavers 2018

Year 6 children at Banstead Prep School celebrated outstanding 11+ exam successes this year.  As the first pupils to transfer to senior school at the end of this academic year, they’ve set an exceptional standard for the children who will follow them.

This first cohort consists of only 22 pupils, but between them they have achieved an impressive 51 offers of places and seven scholarships for academic achievement or talent in Sport, Art or Music, at 17 prestigious independent senior schools and grammar schools.

The highest number of offers came from: Epsom College, Caterham School, Reigate Grammar School, St John’s School, Leatherhead, Dunottar School and Ewell Castle.  Other local schools competing for talented girls and boys from Banstead Prep included Croydon High School, Trinity, Whitgift and Kingswood House, and offers were also forthcoming from schools slightly further afield including Hampton School, Kingston Grammar School and Worth School. Click for more details.

Destination of Leavers 2017

In 2017, pupils from Greenacre, Bramley and Priory celebrated offers (and scholarships) from:

Box Hill School – (3 Sport Scholarships, 1 Drama Scholarship)
Caterham School – (Sport)
City of London Freemen’s School
Dunottar School – (Music, Drama, Sport)
Epsom College
Ewell Castle School
Glenthorne High School
Glyn School
Greenshaw High School
Guildford High School
Hampton School
Kingston Grammar School
Kingswood House School
Lingfield College
Nonsuch High School
Reigate Grammar School – (2 Academic/Art, Academic/Sport)
RGS Guildford
Rosebery School
Royal Alexandra and Albert School
Ryde School
St Andrew’s Catholic School
St John’s, Leatherhead – (Drama)
Sutton Grammar School
Sutton High School – (Academic)
The Stephen Perse Foundation, Cambridge
Trinity School – (Art)
Wallington County Grammar School
Whitgift School – (Art)
Wilson’s School