As well as on-site swimming and sports facilities, including a full size sports hall and an all-weather pitch, which allows a wealth of activities to take place without the need for lengthy transport – Banstead Prep also has access to woodland for Forest School, numerous gardens and a well-inhabited pond.

Moving inside, as our Nursery children progress through the school, we are able to offer them senior school standard facilities with everything from science labs, art, music, dance and drama studios to dedicated food technology and computing rooms, where learning is brought to life.

The layout of our site ensures the transition from Nursery to Reception is as smooth as possible.

Our Rooms

The Nursery is split across two levels to ensure children have space to explore and learn. Our youngest children, the Discoverers and Explorers, are based downstairs at all times. Here they can take part in many sensory and practical activities linked to the Early Years Curriculum. The space is on one level and all resources are accessible to the children, so they can make their own choices about what they’d like to explore.

At certain times of the day, children enjoy stories and songs together and take part in simple, topic-focused activities to extend their learning.

Our older children, the Adventurers, are based upstairs in the mornings, where they too take part in activities linked to the Early Years Curriculum. All resources are accessible, and adults lead by example to model and extend learning. Phonics begins more formally in Adventurers, but still the learning is fun, exciting and play based.

During the afternoons, all the Nursery children come together to play and learn.

Class sizes and ratios

Our Nursery adheres to statutory ratios. The number of children varies each day, as session attendance is flexible. There is at least one adult for every eight children aged three and above, and at least one adult for every four children aged two. A maximum of 24 Discoverers and Explorers, and 32 Adventurers can attend each day.