Pupil FAQs

We've spoken to pupils of all ages to see what they would most like to know about Banstead Prep School. Below are the answers to the questions that were most frequently asked:


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My class
Making friends
Feeling at home at Banstead Prep
Food and lunches
Houses, prefects and getting involved
Sports, clubs and activities

My class

How many of us will there be in my class?
In the first year of opening we expect there to be no more than 16 in any class. Even as the school grows and you progress through the school, you will only ever be in a class of 18. As the school grows, classes in some subjects such as English and maths will be split into smaller groups.

How many girls / boys will be in my class?
Our aim is to make sure that there is an equal number of girls and boys in each class. This may not initially be the case but there will be more pupils joining the school in the first year of opening.

Will we get homework?
Yes. There will be homework at Banstead Prep because we believe it is an important part of learning. But we also want to make sure that this is always manageable.

So, for example, in the younger years, pupils will be given books to take home to help with their reading and they will also do some phonics work, as well as a small amount of maths. 

More homework will be introduced as you progress through the school but should always be a manageable amount. If you find that you are struggling with the amount of homework, you will be able to speak to your teacher about it.

Making friends

Will I be in a class with my friends?
Yes. That is our intention. If you have transferred from Bramley, Greenacre or Priory, we will work with your current teachers to ensure you are placed in a class with your friendship groups. There will still be lots of other opportunities for you to share experiences with your friends – at break and lunch times and during sporting activities etc. Likewise, some specialist subjects, such as dance and drama, will be taught in wider groups as you progress through the school.

If you are joining from another school and have friends already at Banstead Prep, we will try our best to accommodate your request to be with your friends. If this is not possible, then before starting you will have the opportunity to meet your new classmates and your Banstead Buddy. Your buddy will help you find your way around the school, introduce you to new friends and make sure you settle in to the school.

Will it be easy to make friends?
Yes – we will make sure you have the opportunity to spend time with your new class before the school year begins. You will also have a Banstead Buddy who will help you in making new friends, finding your way around and answering any questions you have.

Feeling at home at Banstead Prep

Where will I leave my coat and bag?
There will be suitable storage located by classrooms so that you have somewhere to leave your coat and bag.

How will I know when playtime is?
All breaks will be at the same time every day.

Your teacher will let you know when it is time for break, lunch and the end of the day.

What if I need to use the toilet?
You will be able to let your teacher know and they will give you permission to leave class to use the facilities.

What if I don’t feel well?
If you begin to feel unwell, you must tell your teacher or the adult supervising you straight away. There will be an opportunity to take some time away from the activity / class you are in, to have some water and rest. Your parents will also be informed and, if necessary, they may be asked to collect you and take you home.

How will I find my way around?
You will be provided with a map when you join Banstead Prep and you will have a Banstead Buddy who will support and guide you in your first weeks.

There will be lots of signs around the school so you won’t get lost. There will always be people nearby to ask in case you are unsure which direction to turn during your first few weeks.


Food and Lunches

What will the food be like?
The food will be cooked at school and will be fresh, healthy and delicious. There will be lots to choose from.  Sample menus will be available on the website shortly.

Where will we eat lunch?
Lunch will be provided by our amazing team of catering staff and will be eaten in our dining area.

Houses, Prefects and Getting Involved

Will there be prefects at Banstead Prep?
Yes. We will be setting up a Pupil Parliament at the beginning of the school year. Early on, leadership roles will be created for older children and there will be an opportunity to apply to take up one of these roles.

What House will I be in?
There will be four Houses at Banstead Prep. You will be informed of your house colour in September and the names of the Houses will be decided upon with your help.

Brothers and sisters will always be placed in the same house.

Sport, Clubs and Activities

How many times a week will we go swimming?
Each year group from Reception up will have the opportunity to use the swimming facilities on a weekly basis. There will also be additional opportunities with the Swim Squad.

What clubs will there be?
There will be a fantastic range of clubs to take part in – these may include dance, chess, puzzles, sewing, crafts, cookery, football, gymnastics, Swim Squad, netball, cricket, choir, computer coding and touch typing.

Ideas for new clubs will be discussed at our Pupil Parliament meetings so you will be able to help decide what’s on offer.


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